This page updated June 11, 2022 - 7am

Woo-HOO I'm in Minneapolis.

I have my inventory WITH ME!

For those listed I have 4 or more cards left unless otherwise noted.

To order or inquire, send me a note including your address through the CONTACT tab. If you don't hear back within 24 hrs, please send me a message to the email posted on Creative Memories "Advisor Search".

These are handcrafted. I use album cover material supplied to me directly from the Home Office and the highest quality adhesive and smooth cardstock I can find. Please contact me directly if you have any issues with an order I have sent you.  Swatch Cards are 3"x3".  My preference for accepting payment is PayPal, but just let me know if that isn't an option for you.

Tax and Shipping:
Sales Tax for Washington State residents, only.
USPS has recently changed domestic and international rates and services. If you place an order, your invoice will reflect the shipping cost. If you need to cancel your order based on shipping costs, I'll understand. BUT, I'm not able to send pre-order shipping quotes at this time. 

​​​​​​Single Cards - $1/each

  1. Antique Red
  2. Azure
  3. Black Mica
  4. Boysenberry
  5. Caramel
  6. Caribbean
  7. Cherry Blossom
  8. Chocolate
  9. Cedar
  10. Classic Blue
  11. Clementine
  12. Cobalt
  13. Cobalt Shimmer
  14. Copper
  15. Cosmos Blue
  16. Cream Mica - 1 left
  17. Currant
  18. Dusted Blue Shimmer - 1 left
  19. Ebony
  20. Eggplant
  21. Electric Teal
  22. Grape
  23. Green Jubilee
  24. Green Jubilee Shimmer
  25. Hunter Green - 1 left
  26. Hydrangea Blue
  27. Icy Blue
  28. Jade
  29. Mocha
  30. Navy Golden Mica- 2 left
  31. Ocean Blue
  32. Orange Mica - 2 left
  33. Passion Pink
  34. Pebble Gray
  35. Poppy Blue
  36. Rose Quartz
  37. Rose Red - 3 left
  38. Ruby
  39. Seafoam
  40. Sky Blue
  41. Spearmint
  42. Spring Dew
  43. Spring Moss
  44. Storm Blue
  45. Sweet Pea
  46. True Red
  47. Turquoise
  48. Turquoise Mica
  49. Vivid Blue


ALL COLORS listed are WSL. I'll do my best to update this site as I run out of specific colors. If you pay for a color and I run out of color(s) before I process your order, I'll issue a refund through PayPal.

After almost 7 years, I am winding down on producing Swatch Cards. I don't anticipate adding any colors after January 2022. If there is a color you need that is NOT offered by me as a Swatch Card, consider purchasing the album or just the spine directly from CM.