​Very Portable ...​ set does NOT include the ring

Shipping and Sales Tax:

Please let me know your mailing address.

Sales Tax for Washington State residents, only.

Shipping to USA and Canada - $3.50

Shipping to Australia - $7

Ask for PayPal invoice or...I'll let you know

where to mail a check.

I will do my best to ship within 24 hours of your

payment being received or posted to my PayPal account.

Full Set as of November 9, 2017 - $23:


  1. Ruby
  2. Burgundy (WSL Sept 2017)
  3. Coral
  4. Orange (WSL Mar 2017)
  5. Sunshine (WSL June 2017)
  6. Moss (WSL Aug 2016)
  7. Spring Green
  8. Fern
  9. Teal (WSL Sept 2017)
  10. Sea Glass (WSL Feb 2017)
  11. Blue Shimmer (WSL Aug 2016)
  12. Steel Blue Shimmer Glacier
  13. Ocean Blue
  14. Cobalt
  15. Denim Blues (*denim not bookcloth)
  16. Lilac
  17. Eggplant
  18. Fuchsia
  19. Pink Lemonade (WSL Feb 2017)
  20. Chocolate
  21. Ebony
  22. Mi Amour on Black Mica (WSL Feb 2017)
  23. Woodland Whimsy Baby Boy on Warm Grey
  24. Christmas Past on Steel Gray (WSL Mar 2017)
  25. Sugarplum on Pebble Gray
  26. Forever Yours on Champagne Gold
  27. Bookworm on Clay
  28. Khaki (*linen like material, not bookcloth)

Single Swatch Cards:

       Denim Blues - 2.50 plus shipping

       All others - $2.00 plus shipping

       Up to 3 Swatch Cards ship for $1

Revised 11/9/2017

Looking for Creative Memories Album Cover samples?  This is the place to get info and start the ordering process. Send me a note including your address through the CONTACT tab and I will respond as soon as I can. If you don't hear back within 24 hrs, please send me a message through the email posted on the closed Creative Memories Advisor Facebook page.

These are a handcrafted item. I am using album cover material supplied to me directly from the Creative Memories Home Office and the highest quality adhesive and smooth cardstock I can find. Please contact me directly if you have any issues with an order I have sent you. 

As of November 9 2017 the sets sold will include

twenty-eight 3"x3" Swatch Cards...

see list for any that may be included but have been discontinued. Currently, sets are $23. Pricing may change, and tax and shipping are not included. My preference for accepting payment is PayPal, but just let me know if this isn't an option for you.