Born and raised in the 253, of course when I was born it was still part of the 206...

Don't you love how TACOMA SELF STORAGE drops the "S" from SELF on their light up sign during the holidays?

I'm a little bit silly, like to laugh out loud (too loud for my sons) and LOVE photos, organizing, projects, scrapbooking, hiking, freshwater ANYTHING and snow skiing.

My Do Props (photography) business tag line should be "Parties Not Portraits"

The CM Swatch Cards tab is for Creative Memories Consultants (my friend Danette thinks it's a cult, BUT she sure loves it when I make her scrapbooks!)

Got photos? Me too, LOADS of them. I'm a shutterbug and the smartphone era has only made it better...or worse? I like doing stuff with my photos, too! Framed displays, scrapbooks, photo albums, all of it. I can help you with your photo projects, too.‚Äč